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Do you know what your Organization staff is doing on internet. Are they downloading movies, songs, useless stuffs / softwares or playing with sensex websites? Playing online games in free times is one of the great invitation of viruses, spyware & adwares. Most of the online playing games website having lots of advertisment banners and displays, when user load game applet these adware comes into pc's without user knowledge. Swimming naked on internet can be dangerous in many ways. Useless surfing on intetnet can consume your usefull bandwidth may cause more internet bills, chance of attack from hackers websites, choke of bandwidth etc. Chance of backdoor trojans RAT attacks are more if your staff is surfing internet without any protection.





Office Mantra IGATE is a simple answer. IGATE is a software based firewall, It works between the edge of your internet and intranet as you can see in below mentioned figure. With the help of IGATE you can block useless website on many basis, can block ports , can block internet usage according to the company needs. Administrator can also record which files or data has been downloaded by which user. How many bandwidth are consuming by a particular user etc.

IGATE take care all internet related issues automatically and transparently. It improves the security and safety of web access allowing you to block specified website, ports, services. You can also choose real time virus scanning of downloaded webpages and files. It forms a shield between your computer network and wild internet world. You can also keep tracks and records of the website visited by particular users, keep tracks of downloaded files, keep track of bandwidth usage per user etc. for more information go to Igate webpage.