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Office Mantra is gestalt of technolgoies to provide leading edge platform on which your office managment can work.

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intraSERV server provides intranet services within your organization. It allows to deploy your own web and FTP services. It can also be scaled up to provide extra-net services.


You can build customized web-based applications on top of intraSERV


What you gain with our intraSERV Server solution?


Very low total cost of ownership
  • Avoid the excruciating cost of per user/seat/client licensing trap – now and in the future.
  • Bid goodbye to frequent and expensive downtimes due to system crashes and virus attacks.
  • Get out of the "mandatory" hardware upgrade cycle.
  • No additional training required for the end-users. If they know how to operate their current operating system and web browsers, then they can use our system from day one.
  • Support for most of the popular clients and workstation like DOS, MS Windows 3.xx, MS Windows 9x, MS Windows NT/2000, Linux (Redhat, Suse, etc.), various Unix flavors like Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, SCO Unix, etc.



  • Apache based Web Services.
  • FTP & File services
  • Framework for web based application with server side PHP & perl, support and client side Java, Javascipt support.
  • CGI support.
  • MySQL database support.
  • Optional content management systems and group ware.
  • Integrates with logonSERV to provide web based access to shared files and software.
  • Hosts OfficeMANTRA help and documentation system
  • ptional: A lot of ready made web applications available.


Click here to Download IntraSERV Complete Specifications