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Office Mantra is gestalt of technolgoies to provide leading edge platform on which your office managment can work.

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You may have more than one reason for being concerned with the quality of your products or services. Please allow us list a few:



  • you have a high level of rejection, rework, scrap etc
  • you have too many customers complaints
  • you are quite often busy in fire-fighting because of too many field failures or poor service.



  • you are already good but would like to improve your operational efficiency further.
  • you might be seriously thinking about a via media to increase your volume of business or market share.


In view of the above, opting for an ISO 9000 Certification would be the right decision.

We, at Foundation Plus, have well qualified and IRCA certified lead auditors with long experience in implementing and maintaining ISO 9000. We can help you get started and move ahead to achieve your goal economically and fast.

You have only to let us know and we will be at your service right away, in full earnest.

Our rates and terms are very resonable. And, we guarantee you the result.

Please write/email to us indicating your main business (i.e. operation), staff size, location(s) of your works. And we will take care of the rest.

If you need any further input or clarification before you make up your mind, please do not hesitate to write or drop in.

Thanking you,


(CEO, FoundationPlus)