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Office Mantra is gestalt of technolgoies to provide leading edge platform on which your office managment can work.

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Downloading mails in pc's can cause your system crash though you have antivirus software installed. Emails containing worms can spread spam,trojan from your Email address to your clients cause your buisness loss. Company using spam filters will automatically thrash your mails out before going into their mail boxes. Many MUA's does not support mails up to 3GB, but old mails are also important in most of the organizations, in such case user take backups of old mails and delete previous ones from their mailboxes. Taking back those old emails are tedious process and in some cases if backup media fails, users cannot get mail back. In this typical senario each user is responsible for his/her mail , but if any problem occured like Hard Disk fail ,. Virus attack or hardware software malfunction user cannot get mail back. Therefore security of Emails are very important today because most of the buisness work using it.




Office Mantra mailGATE is a simple answer. mailGate is a mailserver, It works between the edge of your internet and intranet as you can see in below mentioned figure.

mailGate, based on Open Standards, is a low cost but high value email Server/Gateway solution for companies of any size. It’s the ideal solution for Internet / Intranet mailing and works on Dial-up, DSL, ISDN, Leased Lines. Organizations can centralised all employees mails into that server, so if there is any problem occured with the pc's , company mails are protected in OM server. User can logon to another system and can access their important mail any times. Lots of others features are also available .. for more information please visit mailGate webpage.