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Backdoor Trojan, sometimes call Remote Access Trojans (RAT) are so dangerous because they have the potential to allow remote adminstration of your system. As if a hacker were sitting at your keyboard, only worse.There’s almost no limit to what they can do. Some common uses:

  • Use your system and Internet connection to send spam (yes, the majority of spam is now generated by infected systems).
  • Steal your online and offline passwords, credit card numbers, address, phone number, and other information stored on your computer that could be used for identity theft, or other financial fraud.
  • Log your activity, read email, view and download contents of documents, pictures, videos and other private data.
  • Use your computer and Internet connection, in conjunction with others to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Modify system files, disable antivirus, delete files, change system settings, to cover tracks, or just to wreak havoc.




Office Mantra IGATE is a simple answer. IGATE is a software based firewall, It works between the edge of your internet and intranet as you can see in below mentioned figure. It will protect you from unauthorised remote or spam email access. When a hacker try to enter into the network, IGATE server will not provide any unauthorised access goes further into your network.



IGATE take care all internet related issues automatically and transparently. It improves the security and safety of web access allowing you to block specified website, ports, services. You can also choose real time virus scanning of downloaded webpages and files. It forms a shield between your computer network and wild internet world. You can also keep tracks and records of the website visited by particular users, keep tracks of downloaded files, keep track of bandwidth usage per user etc. for more information go to Igate webpage.