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Office Mantra is gestalt of technolgoies to provide leading edge platform on which your office managment can work.

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Why your organization suffering from regular attacks of Viruses,Trojans or Worms ?

Ans : Computer viruses usually spread in one of three ways: from removable media; from downloads off the Internet; and from e-mail attachments. In most of the cases organizations do not bother in what manner users are downloading their emails, In a typical senario users download their mails in their pc's and also responsible for their mails only , for virus protection point of view they try to install different licensed / freeware antivirus programs. During downloading of mails antivirus softwares checks for infections and start giving protection. But in case of new or unknown viruses, antiviruses softwares got failed because their protection code do not found infected files and your computers , networks got infected. Organizations cannot find out what their employees are doing on internet. Are they downloding movies , playing with sensex websites , using torrents , downloading different useless stuff later which can be a great cause of hacking or infections in complete network.


How does viruses spread ?

Ans : When you execute program code that's infected by a virus, the virus code will also run and try to infect other programs, either on the same computer or on other computers connected to it over a network . And the newly infected programs will try to infect yet more programs. When you share a copy of an infected file with other computer users, running the file may also infect their computers and files from those computers may spread the infection to yet more computers. If your computer is infected with a boot sector virus, the virus tries to write copies of itself to the system areas of floppy disks and hard disks. Then the infected floppy disks may infect other computers that boot from them, and the virus copy on the hard disk will try to infect still more floppies.






Office Mantra IGATE is a simple answer. IGATE is a software based firewall, It works between the edge of your internet and intranet as you can see in below mentioned figure.

IGATE take care all internet related issues automatically and transparently. It improves the security and safety of web access allowing you to block specified website, ports, services. You can also choose real time virus scanning of downloaded webpages and files. It forms a shield between your computer network and wild internet world. You can also keep tracks and records of the website visited by particular users, keep tracks of downloaded files, keep track of bandwidth usage per user etc. for more information go to Igate webpage.